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Monday, 20th DEC

Demystifying Blockchain

Monday, 27 Dec

Winter Camp

Friday, 26 Nov

Wizkids For Middle East

Build your future with an exciting career in the fast-growing field of artificial intelligence. Almost all industries today like surveillance industries, tech industries, software companies, ecommerce, digital marketing and social media experts are relying on deep learning methods and AI algorithms to make business decisions and their business applications better. AI Lounge intends to organize workshops and events in this domain.

Machine Learning using Spark

Feb 2022

Ai Lounge is now offering another exciting course on Maching Learning using Spark. The course will be offered in collaboration with Datafy2ai and will provide a concise introduction of spark framework.

Target Audience: Students anf Professionals

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time: 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Medium: Online (Zoom) 

Fee: PKR 7000/-

Demystifying Blockchain

20-24 Dec 2021

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum mark a fundamental advance in financial technology and now comprise a thriving 1.6 trillion-dollar ecosystem. Lets learn more in this course.

5 Days

Monday to Friday

Instructor Lead Lectures On Campus

Learning Investment: PKR 15,000/- only

AI at the Edge - FPGAs

24 -28 Jan 2022

This hands-on workshop will cover key aspects of modern programmable ML-on-Chip and its applications to advanced scientific instrumentation and reconfigurable computing. It is based on FPGA and dual-core processors are characterized by its low-cost along with a huge versatility to implement different concurrent tasks such as high performance multichannel data acquisition, processing and transmission. 

Registration Fee: PKR 20,000/-

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Unlike other MOOCs, our courses have instructor driven live classes for a more personalized experience. Our training team includes some of the most highly qualified professors and industry experts in the field.

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Our team consists of Professors, PhDs and Industry Experts. Moreover, we have foreign experts of the domain as well to train you in the new technologies of AI.

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