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Common Questions About Verified Certificates

What is a Verified Certificate?

It verifies that a learner has earned a certificate from AI Lounge. All courses or workshops offered by AI Lounge have “Verified Certificates”. Many learners use verified certificates for job and school applications.

What is the advantage of having a Verified Certificate?

 If you plan to use your course for job applications, promotions, or school applications, you may prefer to have a certificate that is verifiable. It’s also a great way to give yourself an incentive to complete the course and celebrate your success.

How does Verification Work?

When you have completed a course, your certificate is sent to you. Your certificate carries a “Verification Code”. Go to “Verify Certificate” tab on AI Lounge website and enter the code in the search bar. Your name along with course name and certification date will be displayed. It’s as simple as that.