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Why We are The Best For the Job

Why We are
The Best For the Job

Our team consists of Professors, PhDs and Industry Experts. Moreover, we have foreign experts of the domain as well to train you in the new technologies of AI. Our team is equipped with all the latest technologies and is capable to give top notch trainings in Artificial Intelligence.

Prof. Dr. Faisal Shafait

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Dr. Faisal Shafait is the only muslim and first Pakistani scientist who has won “Young Researcher” award in ICDAR. He received his PhD in Computer Engineering from Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Dr. Faisal is the President of Pakistan Pattern Recognition Society (PPRS) and has joined our team as an Advisory Board Member.

Prof. Dr. Yasar Ayaz

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Dr. Yasar Ayaz (Pride of Performance) is the Chairman / Central Project Director of the National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) which is Government of Pakistan’s top technology initiative in Artificial Intelligence with a funding of more than Rs. 1 Billion. He is also a Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at NUST and the founder and President of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society in Pakistan. He also bears the honorary title of Specially-Appointed Professor at Tohoku University, Japan.

Dr. Hassan Aqeel Khan

Founder and CEO

Dr. Hassan Aqeel has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University, USA. He has multiple years of teaching and research experience in AI and Machine Learning and a number of his former students are now working as Data Scientists and AI professionals. He is the founding member of AI Lounge.

Dr. Adnan Ul Hasan


Dr. Adnan Ul-Hasan has a PhD in Computer Science from Technical University of Kaiserslautern. He has extensive experience in teaching and training. He has been working in the National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) as a Team Lead. He is the founding member of AI Lounge.

Aymen Tasneem

Managing Director

Aymen Tasneem has completed her M.Sc in Information Technology from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). She has successfully organized 1st International Summer School in Pakistan in AI domain named ‘3rd IAPR Summer School in Document Analysis”. She has joined our team as a Managing Director.

Ehtisham Haider

Asst. Managing Director

Mr. Ehtisham has completed his Masters in Education from Allama Iqbal Open University in 2011. He has 19 years of extensive experience as an Assistant Training Manager.

Our Trainers

Dr. Latif Anjum


He has been working in the area of computer vision applied to robotics applications. He has earned his PhD from Politecnico di Torino,Italy. He is working as an Assistant Professor in NUST and is also the director of Robotics and Machine Intelligence Lab in SEECS, NUST. He is working in robot localization problems and its various solutions.

Dr. Wajahat Hussain


Dr. Wajahat is working as an Assistant Professor in SEECS, NUST. He is also the Director of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (ROMI) Lab, SEECS. He has been teaching computer vision and machine learning at NUST for over 5 years. He has earned his PhD degree from University of Zaragoza, Spain and Masters from Technical University Munich, Germany. His research interests are robotics, computer vision and machine learning.

Engr. Imran Abeel


Engr. M. Imran Abeel has received his masters degree in Electrical Engineering from National University of Science and Technology (NUST). He has successfully conducted several IoT (internet of things) workshops in the past 3 years. He is actively working in the field of microprocessor systems, Internet of Things and biotechnology.

Dr. Ali Tahir


Dr. Muhammad Ali Tahir has completed his Ph.D. in Automatic speech recognition from RWTH Aachen University. During his 11 year stay in Germany he has worked on different EU-funded projects related to speech recognition, primarily aiming to bridge the language divide in a multilingual Europe. During his time at NUST he has been collaborating with local industry to create Urdu voice based solutions for conversational agents and vehicle navigation. He has also launched an Urdu website UrduAsr which is being used by thousands of people for Urdu voice based typing.

Dr. M. Amjad Raza


Muhammad A. Raza (Ph.D.) is the founder and CEO of Datafy2ai(A data science Consultancy firm based out of Melbourne, Australia). He has more than 10 years of working experience in various business domains. He is a critical thinker and business leader with a passion to solve complex industry problems. He has worked with companies like Samsung C&T, Mobilink, and a world-renowned Hedge fund. He has been involved in researching, developing, and deploying Machine learning solutions for Big Data Sets in Financial Markets. His interests include business development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, open-source projects, and engineering projects.

Dr. Rabia Irfan


Engr. Dr. Rabia Irfan completed her PhD in Information Technology from NUST in 2018 and is currently serving there as Assistant Professor. Her specialization is in the area of Data Science and Machine Learning and she is currently heading the Knowledge-based System (KBS) lab at SEECS, NUST. With the foundation of the engineering domain and the applied side of Information Technology, her interest particularly lies in incorporating analytics and decision making capabilities in the solution of real-world problems like in the domain of health, energy, power etc. Being an active researcher she believes that the identification of solutions to real-world problems involves interdisciplinary domains and techniques and she is always open to explore new areas and domains. She also has more than five years of industrial experience.

Instructor affiliations

The past and present affiliations of our instructors are from leading universities from around the world

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Our Vision

To become a leading hub for training programs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), driven by values of Innovation, and Integrity with primary focus on cultivation of AI technology in different firms.


Our Mission

Strive to carry out such training camps, workshops and bootcamps that helps to nurture young talent in AI to compete in the international market and to lead companies to exceptional performance through introduction of automation.


Our Goals

To make AI Lounge a benchmark for training and research to individual companies, professional and trade associations, and industry and process based groups.

To fill the gap between the course work and market demands that graduate students face after graduation and provides them a hands on experience in AI.