Code Aficionados

Learn Artificial Intelligence & Coding

Level: Advance

Course Duration: 4 weeks

Age: 10-19 years old

Course Overview

Code Aficionados is an intermediate level course that has been custom-built according to the learning needs of students between 10-19 years old. This course introduces advance concepts in AI and basics of Python programming. Students also learn to build AI based projects and teach robots how to recognize voice commands and objects. They are also taught what are the key differences between AI and conventional Computer Programming.


For Students age 13 and above: None

For Students who are under 13: Basic Programming Concepts in Scratch

What Students will Learn

Python Programming

The coding language for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Applications

Applications of AI in different areas such as self-driving vehicles, robotics and healthcare

AI Model Training

How to collect data and train AI models

What Students will Create

Artificial Intelligence Programs

Programming to make AI models

Mobile App Development

Basics of  mobile app development through programming

Games and Animation

How to make AI games and animations

What Students and Parents Say

Code Aficionados Course Schedule

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